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We represent people injured by the wrongdoing of business and government.

Our clients range from the highest to the lowest ranking employees in their workplaces. We have represented clients that are corporate presidents and CEOs, doctors, lawyers, cooks, janitors, welders, teachers, secretaries, servers, retail clerks, police officers, sales reps, security guards, professors, managers, buyers, planners, printers, delivery drivers, factory workers, counselors, ecologists, museum curators, and groundskeepers, to name a few. We also handle some education, housing, and consumer cases as well as some traditional civil rights cases.

We use a team approach to litigation rather than assigning cases to just one lawyer. We include both a male and a female in most cases. We find that this blending of perspectives gives us the insight, strategy, and synergy we need to make the best case we can make.

Our type of firm is sometimes called a “boutique.” This means we handle a comparatively small number of high-quality cases. We select cases carefully and position them for litigation. This fits our personal styles and preferences better than a high-volume practice geared toward settlement. It is our experience that settlements come more easily to those prepared for litigation. We like to be ready to go either way. Having a smaller number of good cases allows us the level of readiness we need.

Our primary practice region is the Tallahassee area. Those are the cases that come to us most naturally. Our secondary region is the I-10 corridor from Pensacola to Jacksonville, including Panama City and Gainesville. We have also handled cases in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Key West, Brevard County, and smaller communities throughout Florida. Generally, the farther from home we have to go, the more attractive a case must be to interest us. For the right case, we have friends and colleagues all over Florida with expertise in our practice areas that will associate as local counsel. But for the most part, local cases fill the time we have available.

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